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English Status

Angreji Status

And then the petals transmuted into cinders, 

Only the thorns remained alive, "Angreji Status 2021"

Starless empyrean consumes the rest of the scarlet 

Worn out a love-bees moan in the mind-hive.

A mistake that makes you Humble is Better

than an Achievement that makes you Arrogant.

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Everyone in this world is proud of his knowledge,

but no one has the knowledge of his arrogance.

It is not very difficult to understand the truth of life,

sit on the scales on which you weigh others.

    Angreji Status 2021

When Problems are biggie solution is

smile is in a face like a huggy.

Before you heal someone, 

ask him if he's willing to give up 

the things that make him sick..!! 

Even life is a Journey 

on the wings of hope.

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Man continues his 

Journey thinking 

that good times 

will come. 

If I could rewrite my destiny I would probably,

erase the day we had our first conversation.

New Angreji Status in English

Oh, God.. I want to be the eternal yardbird of your garden

Will you Please open the secret latch of Bliss for me...?

Doing Different Things Than Others 

Does it Mean You are Wrong?

In all those goodbyes,

We didn’t realize, English Status

One turned out to be,

The last one.

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In all those goodbyes,

We didn’t realize,

One turned out to be,

The last one.

Best Angreji Status 2021 

Unless the purpose is complete, 

Nobody will hurt you!"

They say, Don't judge a book by its cover. '

But now they say Cover yourself, or people will judge.

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Make sure, you don't have DSLR and have a girlfriend!

I have, Then DSLR has a girlfriend, you are still single!! 

From falling in love with you

To falling in pain without you.

Everything happened in a 

the fraction of second. 

English Status

We are antiparallel to each other;

He gets someone else,

I lost someone special!!

I'm not mad, 

I'm Hurt,  Best Angreji Status 2021 

There is a small difference,

Please understand that.

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I feel your hand,

On my forehead,

But This is not your love.

If someone turns out to 

find me then take me along.

New English Status

Easy on life

Stretched out of days' stress

Mind, body, and soul

Relaxed over a cup of memory

You annexed on my heart,

But my soul still owes of my parents.

In the world of modern, You are my old

Read the caption.

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Sometimes hurts, 

Sometimes senseless.

To get success is tough

But To sustain that success is even tougher!

English Status And Quotes

Is it really the BAD SIDE of the US, 

Or just the REALITY that WE  don't want to ACCEPT?

I loved her Honesty. 

She loved my Smile. 

Now both have Gone.

Our standard of English depends on 

the person we r talking to.

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Ask the soul,

Obey it whole. 

keep Working,

Until you get the goal.

There will be no fear of falling on

the day you want to fly.

English Quotes 2021

Oh, nightmares! 

Are you afraid of them? 

Have a look at my life,

You'll forget nightmares!

even if you die in darkness, you'll still be in the dark.

the only way to find light is to walk towards the light.

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Keep smiling !! If you want an ideal person or role model, 

strive to make that person yourself rather than searching for him.

Chalo hum purane khayalaat ke hi sahi,

Par jism ki numaish humse nhi hoti.

English Status 2021

Deedar e chand to bas ek bahana h,

khule asman ke neeche baith kr tujhe 

sochna achha lgta h. English Quotes.

I was online for you and 

you were online for someone else.

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Just be kind & Honest.

You will be amazed at how fast the fake friends in your life disappear.

Good morning friends 

Happy Tuesday love you miss you.

In all his splendor 

I lost my heart, serenity spilled and 

I fell deep into unknown territory.

English Straus for Boys

Every problem comes with some solution

If it doesn't have any solution, it's a Girl!

Life is beautiful what do u think,

It's a paper, write with love ink

Life is a rope...

that swings us through hope

Tension is poison,

Don't give it the attention

Don't worry about ur trouble

Otherwise, it becomes double

The smile on trouble...

Then it disappears like a bubble

So start with a brand new morning

Be happy and keep smiling.

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AND Still, we believe in love,

When we have gone through so many pains,

We healed up to not to believe in it again,

We delete everything that we can in anger,

We are not ready to give up

We are not ready to hurt again

But we are ready to believe in love again!

Don't Be The Material

Which Needs Space

But Be The Kind

Which Grabs The Attention.

Confidence and hope is the power by

which you can see the invisible, 

believe in the incredible, and make

the impossible possible.

English Status 

Success is a science; If there are circumstances

then the result will be found.

There's something in the way she loves 

It always leaves you begging for more. 

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In the cage of responsibility and 

man-made rules,

They cannot fly high together.

Angreji Status in English

My broken heart is supported by stitches 

with some sympathy threads 

by sympathizers but 

when they leave me alone, perhaps these

threads will weaken and make me

more depressed than before.

It's better to remain silent when your

close began to doubt You.

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